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In 1999 the Timberland PRO was introduced, featuring assuage, care and durableness for action professionals. The PRO work boots collection inlcudes some great styles like the Titan safety toe. This boot with titanium and extra elements added for toughness, provides paltry custody and an anti-microbial lining that reduces odor and inhibits bacterial growth. One other great style is the Heavy Duty, the most irregular work boot to date.

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The boot emphasizes lightweight comfort utilizing the brand's signature Powerfit Comfortable system, which provides an ergonomically shape through a wider toe box and maximum support through a cushioned, contoured footbed that resists crushing. The HD as well incorporates a safety toe that is two-thirds lighter than steel. To maximize the compassionate level, a climate-control system helps regulate temperature and reduce dew expansion.

  Popular Work Boots Styles:  
Timberland Steel Trax 8
Timberland 8 Titan Heavy Duty
Timberlands 6 Titan Safety Toe
Timb 6 Eye Wedge
Timbs Gravel Pit 10
Steel Trax 8
Titan Heavy Duty
Titan Safety Toe
6 Eye Wedge
Gravel Pit 10
Timberladn Met Guard 6
Mudsill Low
Direct Attach 8
It 22 Titanium
Gorge Multi Purpose Outdoor
Met Guard 6
Mudsill Low
Direct Attach 8
It 22 Titanium
Gorge Multi Purpose
  People's Thoughts:  
  "First Class Working Boot - This is my second pair of Timberland Pro work boots. I work in a hazardous manufacturing environment, where steel toes and slip-resistant boots are required. This Timberland delivers the goods. I rely on these boots to protect my feet from falling metal objects, sharp pieces of scrap metal, and heavy equipment. My advice is to find a work boot that meets the safety requirements of your work place. Next, find a pair that feels comfortable right from the start. This is important, because steel-toed workboots will not adjust to your feet. In other words, you cannot "break them in". If the fit is wrong from the start, they will break your foot in. These boots also look good. They actually look good while paired with a pair of jeans. I highly recommend these boots."  
  "Top Notch Work Boot - After years of getting discounted Red Wings through my employer and singing the praises of RedWings, this Timberland lace-to-toe model is every bit as good or better as much more expensive makes. Timberland got everything right with these: comfort, durability, style, price. Good balance of ruggedness/weight. Will not feel like anchors after a long day of work and shine up to be a good looking pair of Timberland Work Boots. "  
  "Keep your feet safe, dry and happy! These Timberlands are probably the best steel toe, water-proof boots you can find anywhere. I just recently purchased my second pair. My first pair lasted me a little over a year with constant exposure to water, mud, and unfinished concrete six days a week. Also, let me add that I never cleaned them or added those special oils or lubricants that they recommend using and I still got a good 13/14 months use out of them. As far as comfort goes, they are as comfortable a boot as you will find and I spend roughly 14 hours a day in them. I definitely will purchase this boot again in another year or so. "  
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