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In case any water gets through the waterproof leather, Timberland boots are equipped with Moisture-wicking fabric lining which keeps all water out and provides a way to get rid of the perspiration generated by your feet throughout the day. While being tough and feature packed, Timberland Boots are flexible and lightweight so they will not drag your feet down on long walks or hikes.

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In slippery environments, your boot will serve you well as the rubber lug sole on Timberland boots will provide superior traction to prevent slipping or sliding on wet or icy surfaces.

  Popular Womens Styles:  
Timberland Korsten
Tomeberlands Quilted Down
TImbs Baldaci Ballerina
TImbernland Fc Flora Tall Boot
Quilted Down
Baldaci Ballerina
Fc Flora Tall Boot
Shertang Overton
Timberland Kickadilla
Timebrlands Mazie Tall Boots
Summer Park
Timberland Premium Chukka 5
Shertang Overton
Mazie Tall Boot
Summer Park
Premium Chukka 5
  People's Thoughts:  
  "Hands down...the best - Comfort and look. Great. Gore-tex is great. I already wore them in puddles. Felt maybe a half size to big, not a big deal. Everything I have read about them is true. They are truely the best boot I have ever had. The only thing, and this is just because I am picky, but I like a boot with a wider and a little bulky toe. In this Timberland boot the toe is a little more narrow than I had expected. I suppose that makes it look nicer, kind of like a loafer. Small details that do not nearly outweigh the overall highlights of this boot. Also, They make this boot in a wide. My foot is not very wide, but the wide felt much better. "  
  "The best I have used - I am using these Timberland shoes at least 16 hours a day, walking, climbing. When I take them off when off duty, I almost never feel like I just put them on for the last 16 hours. They are stylish too, are not they! I will definitely use them again (and again!). I have bought more than one pairs (different colors) and can't wait to use them."  
  "Great boots! I am pretty difficult to please when it comes to footwear. I work with horses for a living and like a boot that is comfortable on the ground and in the saddle. Easy to clean. These boots fit the description. If I was to find anything I would change at all it would be the toe width. I prefer to have a narrower toe simply because it is easier in and out of a stirrup. There! I told you I was hard to please. One other thing to bear in mind is that because these boots are 'generous in the front, most people would buy a size smaller I believe. I originally ordered a 13 and exchanged for a 12. To sum up, they are a great boot and very comfortable."  
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