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Vasque offers trail boots with many advanced technologies to ensure maximum comfort and performance while running or walking trails. Vasque shoes use GOR-TEX technology for waterproofing, air-flow, and comfort with skywalk technology that ensures durability, dependability, and functionality and wraps it together with Vibram technology which offers superior shoe materials ensuring high traction, abrasion, and flexibility all within one shoe.

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Vasque boots also use an advanced shock-absorbing system, a 4-layer composite material for superior thermal insulation, and a unique integration system that wraps all these great advantages together in one single product. With this amazing blend of technology, Vasque boots can help you compete at the highest level of trail-running and mountaineering.

  Popular Vasque Styles:  
Alpine Lt
Vasque Circuit
Vasque Sundowner Classic GTX
Vasque Quantum Xcr
Switchback GTX
Alpine Lt
Sundowner Classic
Quantum Xcr
Switchback GTX
Vasque Toaster
Vasque Breeze
 Vasque Axis GTX
Axis GTX
  People's Thoughts:  
  "A great boot - I bought these boots for an 11 day trek acroos Europe. So far, during the "breaking in" process I have been very happy with them. They are aesthetically pleasing and after a few wears very comfortable. My only complaint is they do hurt the top portion of my ankle, but the more I wear them the less I feel the rubbing.I think by the time I leave for my trip these shoes will work out great for me."  
  "Vasques Sundowner GTX - This is a very handsome boot. I have not worn it outside as yet, but it is due to snow tonight and I know my feet will be staying warm and dry. The other aspect of this boot that I like is that the wide size is truly roomer in the shoe box area. The only negative I have for this boot is that it is a bit heavier than I would have liked. Otherwise, I am very pleased with my purchase. "  
  "I love this Vasque boot. It is so comfortable, durable and easy to care for. It has a very sleek profile (not a huge clod hopper). I have very narrow feet and have become accustomed to wearing 3 pairs of heavy socks to get narrow boots to fit. These fit with one pair of hiking socks. I have worn these shoes on a 2 week backpacking trip - no blisters, no wet feet, no aching feet (they provide excellent support, they are waterproof and light weight while being sturdy). I also wear them on day hikes, gardening and for walking from the car to work in the winter. These Vasque boots are GREAT. If you have narrow feet and have been looking for comfortable boots, try these- you won't be sorry."  
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