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Teva makes high-quality adventurer shoes that are stylish, comfortable, and lightweight for your climbing and hiking needs. Teva sandals comes with many features incluing a waterproof Nubuck upper to keep feet high and dry, Compression molded EVA midsole and Spider rubber outsoles for comfort, a blended polyurethane/EVA unit to absorb shock, and a unique strapping system that wraps around the foot to provide unmatched support and stability.

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Teva footwear also comes in a variety of styles, shapes, and colors allowing you to match your shoes with whatever other apparel you may be wearing. Combining functionality and style, Teva sandals is a good choice for any casual adventurer.

  Popular Styles:  
Wraptor Teva Shoes
Pretty Rugged
Teva Sampago
Teva Elexir 5
Teva Ossagon
Pretty Rugged
Elexir 5
Ventura Slingback
Pseudo Lace
Teva Proton 3
Pseudo Lace
Proton 3
  People's Thoughts:  
  "Perfection! I live in a dirt/gravel road area, and was looking for a sandel that would be comfortable and yet sturdy. This is the sandal! I do everything in these from mowing the grass to hiking in the woods. The fit is great and the sole is thick enough to protect from sharp rocks, yet not so thick that it feels like you are wearing a boot. Great Teva shoes!"  
  "Comfort without an orthotic - I bought this sandal one day before a February trip to Maui. I had been wearing prescription orthotics for 5 months. I can't walk barefoot without heel pain. Dreaded the idea of having to wear running shoes (with orthotics inserted) for the whole trip. These were amazing! I put this sandals on for the first time in the hotel, and it was like having my orthotic on. I wore the sandals every day of the trip, during which time I walked and hiked. Very comfortable, and no clunky orthotic required. I'm going to buy another pair in a lighter color. Fantastic! "  
  "YIPPEE!!! I'm sloshing in my Teva shoes again! I've always been a barefoot sort of person in the summer... or sandals. I've recently had trouble with my foot/arch/ankle and my chiropractor showed me exercises for strengthening. I told him my dilemma...that I HAVE to have my feet in the water while I'm gardening in this HOT Sacramento Valley heat and that I needed a sandal with arch supports! He mentioned TEVA. I had been looking at that brand here on this site and had asked you to let me know when my size came in. You did. They arrived yesterday and I'm soooooo HAPPY... I think they were soaking wet within 10 minutes!!! Thank you so very much... "  
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