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Sorel is a long time distributor of cold-weather footwear. Their shoes are both durable and comfortable. Always on the forefront of innovation, it was the first company to combine leather uppers, rubber bottoms, and removable belt liners in one consolidated product. These combined features amount to the warmest and driest winter boots anywhere on the market.

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Equally as impressive as their boots, Sorel Clothing is stylish and has exceptional performance in all conditions. With its combination of apparel and boots, you can be sure to live an active lifestyle and engage in many winter activities such as snowmobiling and hiking while staying fashionable and trendy.

  Popular Boot Styles:  
Sorel Timberwolf
Sorel Kaya Boot
Cumberland 2
Full Tilt
Cumberland 2
Full Tilt
Cold Mountain
1965 Premium
Sorel Bear Boot
Sorel Glazier
Cold Mountain
1965 Premium
  People's Thoughts:  
  "Great, stylish Sorel boots at a great price! Since I live in Los Angeles, I don't normally have much need for snow boots. However, I needed some for a trip with my daughter's class to the Yosemite Mountains and didn't want to spend a mint. When they arrived, I tried them on and didn't want to take them off. These boots are perfect. They are remarkably comfortable unlike most other snow boots which tend to be stiff and heavy. After our trip, they'll also be perfect for our rainy season, again, unlike other snow boots which are overkill in anything other than snow..."  
  "These are the best boots I have ever owned for fit, warmth, comfort and non-slip on ice and snow. I found them easy to get on and off and easy to walk in. They did not give you that stiff leg gait that some snow boots do because they seemed to give in the right places. I have owned many different brands of snow boots trying to find the ideal pair that would keep my feet warm and let me move naturally. These Sorel Boots are the winners and I will not switch after this."  
  "Excellent Sorel snow boot - I wore these boots for the first time today and walked two miles in the snow. The boots are very warm and have excellent traction on snowy pavement. I like the way they look, and I love the convenience of the front zipper (instead of laces to struggle with). My only complaint is that Sorel makes these boots a bit wide in the heel. They were slipping around quite a bit in back. My heels run narrow anyway, so if you have more of a true B or C width foot, they will probably be fine on you. I found that in length, they run very true to size."  
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