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As Timberland branched out into boat shoes and casual-shoe lines, they contiune to churn out new shoe models that target the outdoor inspired casual consumer. The popular brand brings bright boat shells and skis overhead combine with a looming hearth to present a cohesive collection for the modern rugged male, refined and clean.

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Timberland Trailray Sandal
Timberland Tila Slide
Timberlands Toraja
Timberlands Fells Strap
Tila Slide
Fells Strap
  People's Thoughts:  
  "Comfort Plus - These are the most comfortable Timberland sandals I have owned in a long time and I LIVE in sandals! I even waitress in them and everyone loves the style!! It's hard to tell that a strap exists between your toes and the comfort system sole is well cushioned and flexible. Besides all that, everyone who comments on them loves the unique styling."  
  "These have the perfect modish yet traditional design. I was TOTALLY surprised by the comfort they provided. I was comparing them to a pair of Clarks slide that I purchased and they are JUST as comfortable!!! The only downside to these are if you have a wider foot, when you place weight on a foot, the adjustable flap bows upward, making the slide look funny. But I love 'em!"  
  "Fabulous sandals - I obsessed about this sandal after seeing it in a store and not being able to purchase it on the spot. So I hunted it down across 2 states and finally thought to go online! I originally was looking for burgendy, but it wasn't available anymore, but the brown ones I got are still quite excellent! It's like walking on air! It has great support and I can walk, run, do errands all day without my feet hurting!"  
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