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If you’re looking for performance-driven design in shoes for mountain sports, then you'll want to check out Salomon footwear's vast array of shoe offerings. For over sixty years, Salomon's commitment to design has created many new concepts in boots and footwear. Featuring fluid design, advanced pressure technology, and boasting a staff of the world's leading mountain climbers, Salomon continues to create mountaineering footwear that is hard to match in quality.

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For the best in mountaineering footwear, you can trust Salomon shoes to deliver technologically advanced products that have been proven to improve performance, provide comfort, and is durable over long periods of time.

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Salomon GCS Pro
Salomon Bliss
Salomon Snowclog
Ivy Boots
Salomon Techamphibian
Salomon XA Pro 3D XCR
B52 TS Boots
Trial Runner
XA Pro 3D
B52 TS
Trial Runner
  People's Thoughts:  
  "My next pair will be the same - Everything I expected. Light, comfortable and rugged, all with Aesthetic appeal. I had previously been a Timberland fan. When Timberland started going soft I was forced to look elsewhere. These are lighter and more comfortable. I wear them riding my bike and walking about. All around a great wearing shoe. That top Eyelet is open, though tough to see in the photo... It was an extra bonus that makes it easier to get into the shoe and out of it. The open eyelet will help the shoes last longer... no more roughing up your shoes just to get out of them."  
  "LOVE THEM!!! I'm not really much of a trail runner but I want to be because I have really bad shin splints. The Techamphibian's are really comfortable and that's a huge bonus. Now that I have to constantly worry about my shins and what shoes I buy, I was a bit leery of buying before trying. But all my fears were fizzled when I first took these babies out for a run. I love to run in them - they're comfortable, adjustable, and quite stylish I must say. I would strongly recommend these shoes to anyone!!! I know I love them and that's a miracle, because if you've had shin splints you know what I'm talking about."  
  "Love the Techamphibian! I was very, very happy with these low hiking shoes. I purchased them for hiking in a tropical jungle environment, and they were light-weight (both for wearing and packing), breathable, and provided great traction. I especially liked the ease of tightening without laces and the ability to adjust the fit in the heel. And I thought they looked great, too!"  
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