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The North Face offers multi-sport shoes that are built for you to run trails with optimum efficiency. North Face shoes feature excellent airflow, advanced waterproofing technology as well as a unique lacing system to provide superior performance for any trail runner.

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Unlike other shoes with regular lacing systems, North Face shoes feature a lacing system that allows for minute adjustments for optimum closure force on-the-fly. With this feature, pressure points are eliminated and replaced by a system that lets the runner dial in an even and repeatable tightness. Combine this feature with extra toughness, and a specially designed shoe-tongue and you'll have a shoe that everyone envies.

  Popular North Face Styles:  
North Face Ultra 103 XCR
Bella Alta
NorthFace Storm Peak Zip
Nuptse Bootie
NorthFace Plasma XCR Boa
Ultra 103 XCR
Bella Alta
 Storm Peak Zip
Nuptse Bootie
Plasma XCR Boa
NSE Tent Bootie
North Face Hedgehog XCR
North Face Greenland
El Porto Convertible
NorthFace Chillkats
Euro Hiker
Hedgehog XCR
Greenland Zip
El Porto
Venture Jacket
NorthFace TKA 100 Glazier Clothing
NorthFace Nuptse Jackets
North Face 100 Pant
North Face Apex Elixir
Venture Jacket
TKA 100 Glazier
Nuptse Jacket
100 Pant
Apex Elixir
Backtrack 50
NorthFace Ruckus
North Face Recon Backpack
Calyx Applique
NorthFace Doubletrack
Backtrack 50
Recon Backpack
Calyx Applique
  People's Thoughts:  
  "My New Favorite. A great boot. No need to buy a size down ( which sometimes happens to me in boots). What surprised me about these is in addition to being super warm and waterproof they are totally comfortable, not clunky or big. These are sure to be my new favorites - so far they've exceeded my expectations for a functional winter boot. They're comfy, cute, and you can't of course beat The NorthFace boots quality!"  
  "Great winter boot - I haven't had a chance to wear them in any snow yet, but walking around the house was fabulous! The minute I put these boots on, my feet were warm. My concern with boots was whether I would be able to tuck my pants in to keep them from getting wet and/or dirty. The North Face Greenland Zips keep your foot snug and allow space around the calf and ankle to tuck in your jeans or suit pants. The only thing I don't like is the appearance. I hate clunky shoes, but I knew to keep my feet warm and dry in the winter, I would have to sacrifice aesthetics. All around, it's a great winter boot."  
  "Nice Bookbag - I really think this is a great bookbag. If you don't like those big bookbags that are as big as your whole back side and by the end of the day your back is hurting, then this one is the one for you. Held everything I needed for the day without being too bulky. Love all the pockets inside that helped keep everything organized!! I get a lot of compliments on this particular bag too."  
  "Great shoe! Got a pair of these a month before a trip to Ireland. Wore them every day before I left to make sure they would be comfortable, and they were. Walked for miles and miles in the almost-new north face shoes on both city streets and hiking trails on the Burren without another thought for my feet. Even ran halfway across Limerick, full pack on back, to catch a bus. They were fabulously comfortable and kept my feet dry in the legendary Irish rain. Lightweight, too."  
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