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Montrail makes shoes suited for any kind of trail adventure. Montrail has been at the cutting edge of outdoor footwear for nearly three decades and their shoes are made with the most advanced shoe-technology there is.

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Montrails use of advanced technology can be seen in their climbing boots which use thermo-moldable foam in pressure zones for maximum comfort, as well as in Montrail running shoes which feature their patented integra fit based on digital scans of thousands of sets of different feet. These innovations and continued improvement put Montrail shoes ahead of the pack when it comes trail and outdoors shoes.

  Popular Styles:  
Hurricane XCR
Montrail Torre GTX Classic
Montrail Molokini
Hurricane XCR
Torre GTX Classic
  People's Thoughts:  
  "Montrail Rocks! I love these shoes! I've been a Montrail fan for awhile, for trail running shoes, so I was thrilled when they came out with the Masai. I actually use these as road running shoes and I just ran a marathon in them a few weeks ago and my feet felt as good as new at the end. They are super light, BREATHEABLE, comfortable, and subdued in regards to style. I have a half size larger than my street shoes, just as I always do with Montrail running shoes. "  
  "Well-designed to even the smallest detail! I was looking for a outdoor running shoe that would be design to handle all the outdoors situation that we might incounter by doing outdoor exercise activities. After some intense research I came across Montrail Susitna xcr, which was more than I bargan for. Not only the Montrail shoes are made by Goretex, which is a breatheable waterproof material, build strong and durable, light weight, great custmetic design, specialy with the right choice of color,but the designer even thought about zipper up shoelace and the waterproof ankle covers, to prevent water from going into the running shoe. I would be honor not only to wear this shoe, which as a matter of fact as I writing this review I am wearing them because I just came from the park from doing Tai Chi."  
  "Great hiking boots - Excellent Montrail boots - fit my feet, give plenty of support, handle both the slick marble floors of the Palace here in Baghdad as well as sand and uneven/broken pavement out in the city. Provide better support than my Desert Boots, and feel much better when wearing the extra weight of armor. The slim look and smooth, one piece construction are great for looks and for maintenance. Very few seams to leak in wet conditions. I had a pair for many, many miles, and had to replace them. So happy to learn they are still available! I have tried other Montrail hikers, and I returned to these. You can't go wrong with these! "  
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