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If you need shoes for running or have the need for casual footwear, Merrell has products that will fit your needs. Merrell shoes is lightweight and has features built in that provide for a blister free foot even after many miles of walking or traveling.

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Merrell outdoor shoes feature high air-flow to keep the feet dry and cool, advanced shock absorbent and structural support, anti-friction lining, and even a ventilation and drainage system. With all these features, Merrells shoes is ideal for any casual or serious adventurer looking for lightweight footwear to keep their feet comfortable, dry, and cool.

  Popular Styles:  
Passage Ventilator Mid
Merrell Hydro
Merrell Chameleon 2
Merrill Boots Switchback Gore Tex
Waterpro Ultra Merrill Shoes
Passage Ventilator
Chameleon 2
Waterpro Ultra
Merrill Boots Thermo Juneau
Palmetto Merrell Sandals
Merrill Sawtooth Boots
Merell Encore Chill Stitch
Merrel Barcelona
Thermo Juneau
Encore Chill
  People's Thoughts:  
  "A fantastic shoe, but needs breaking in! I was about to return these Merrill shoes. The tongue area of the shoe was poking into my foot and it was really hurting! I thought maybe these reviews were fake or something. Anyway, after 4 times of wearing the shoes, they are the most comfortable things ever. They are nice too! Just don't worry when they feel horrible the first few times you wear them, it's worth it!"  
  "I am obsessed with comfort and I also look for style and durability, along with a price that is reasonable. I found this shop by accident but it was the most helpful site and it gave me lots of options. The first day I wore these Merrells I wasn't thinking about how much I was on my feet, I was so comfortable; the shoes were easy to break in, didn't cause any discomfort, and they look great (I got so many compliments)! I call them fast shoes because I honestly feel like I get to where I need to be quicker and even after two weeks they still feel as cushy as the first time I put them on. You are going to get a great shoe that allows you to go the distance."  
  "A real Good Shoe! My husband says these are extremely comfortable Merrill shoes and thanks me for getting them for him. He believes strongly in the Merrell product line as he owned and wore almost exclusively, his first pair of hiking Merrell boots ten years before finally walking holes into the soles. He says he got his money's worth out of them and then some, so when they literally couldn't take another wear, he happily bought a new pair. These particular Merrel shoes were a surprise from me, because I wanted to give him something he could slip on and off quickly for those days or occasions when you don't feel or want to have to lace up a full size boot, example, when the dog is barking relentlessly for unknown reasons in the middle of the night and only the man of the house can check into it. The other bonus to their comfort, and ease of wear, is that they are very handsome Merrell shoes and he also wears them to the office. You couldn't ask for much more from a shoe and this is from a man who expects a lot from one pair! "  
  "Spring/Summer Shoe - This shoe has been a great performer on all sorts of trails and on the road and roadside. Gives a lot of cushion and stability without being an extremely heavy trail shoe. Plus, the width is really perfect for women's feet; not so wide like so many women's running and cross train shoes. And, they last a long time and make great around town and in the garden shoes when you are done running in them. "  
  "Very soft and comfortable but not wide enough. The shoe looks great, feels so soft and cushioned around your foot, but unfortunately for me it was not wide enough. I did order 1/2 size larger than I normally wear and a 2ee but the fit was still tight on my little toe. The heel was snug which I like when I walk and run. If you are looking for a plush walk/run shoe and you don't have very wide feet you might want to try this shoe. I had to send my pair back, but only because of the width. "  
  "Thong sandal with back strap - There are not many thong sandals with the back strap. Flip flops are all the rage. After long walks our feet will tire. We saw these in a store and thought they were mens. The sale person said that they only came in womens sizes and 10 is all they have. We found 11 at the online store and ordered 8 for the wife. The width is a little narrow even for the wife with small feet. The comfort is great as with all Merrell sandals. We get comments " thats cool you guys are wearing the same shoes." We love the look and the comfort."  
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