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La Sportiva footwear are made by climbers for climbers. Specializing strictly on mountain climbing boots, La Sportiva combines the best of climbing shoe technology to make the best in climbing footwear. This brand of boots features Frixion Rubber, Synthetic leather, and the best possible crampons to give you the ultimate climbing experience. These combined technologies ensure extremely sticky shoe-grip on wet or dry rock surfaces, lasting durability, and comfort during the climb.

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Whether your a mountain hiker, casual climber, or a die-hard mountain climbing professional, La Sportiva will have the boot for your climbing needs.

  Popular Boot Styles:  
LASportiva Halite
Exum Ridge
Lhotse GTX
Nepal Evo
Granite GTX
Exum Ridge
Lhotse GTX
Nepal Evo
Granite GTX
  People's Thoughts:  
  "Great La Sportiva boots! I am pretty difficult to please when it comes to footwear. I work with horses for a living and like a boot that is comfortable on the ground and in the saddle. Easy to clean. These La Sportiva boots fit the description. They are the example boot for climbs that require cramp ons and a carry over. If I was to find anything I would change at all it would be the toe width. I prefer to have a narrower toe simply because it is easier in and out of a stirrup. There! I told you I was hard to please. One other thing to bear in mind is that because these boots are 'generous in the front, most people would buy a size smaller I believe. I originally ordered a 13 and exchanged for a 12."  
  "The shoe is a great purchase for anyone living in the Northeast during the winter. They keep your feet warm in very cold temperatures and the waterproofing is a definite plus when walking through the snow and slush. They do feel quite wide and require very heavy socks to achieve a comfort level when wearing. They are not good when walking for any length of time at a quick pace and considering I am a dedicated walker and was looking for something that could provide me with dryness as well as comfort during the winter I was a little disappointed in this shoe. "  
Notice: La Sportiva is a registered trademark word of La Sportiva Company & logos are registered trademarks of La Sportiva inc. Our website is not operated or affiliated with LaSportiva. We only give information of some of their clothing.
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