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Many Timberland boots even feature double elastic gore panels for easy slip-on convenience so you can quickly strap on your boots and go at any time without any extra hassle. With the plethora of features and elegant design, Timberland boots truly sets itself apart from all other boots as a boot that has a bit of everything.

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  Popular Kids Styles:  
Timberland Douse Kids
Kid's Slither Sport
Kids 6 Premium Boot
Mount Rainier Bungee Kids
Kids Timberland Daisy Daze
Slither Sport
Kids Premium
Mount Bungee
Daisy Daze
Regular Kid Hiking Lace Hiker
Sapling Plain Toe Chukka
Timber Tots
Snow Stomper
Kids Timberland Authentics
Regular Hiker
Sapling Chukka
Timber Tots
Snow Stomper
  People's Thoughts:  
  "Cool Timberland shoes - My son loves these. A great no tie shoe for an older kid. They are durable and easy to clean. They have been road tested in big mud, deep water, sand pits and a construction site and have performed beautifully. He loves the way they look and they seem much less bulky than other kid hikers while still being very sturdy. They were comfortable right away."  
  "Great Kids Timberlands - I have had a really hard time finding shoes that my wily 14 month old son can't untie/unvelcro/otherwise pull off of his feet. I tried a pair of Tim's that I found at a discount store (TJ Maxx) and loved them! He walks comfortably in them and they stay on his feet. I got so tired of going to the lost and found at the grocery, etc. Not to mention, they are super-cute! When he outgrew the first pair, we found these and quickly ordered them (and they arrived the next day)! Oh, and the laces don't get tangled in knots when you double/triple knot them! I can't say enough great things about these boots!"  
  "A really good shoe - Looks and wears great! Have received many compliments and everyone wants to know where we got them. My son says they are very comfortable! A great shoe!! Will look for them again as we grow! The shoe seems true to size, and width. It is a good looking shoe, my 8 year old says it really feels good, and he likes is very much. We've had it for a short time, so I don't know how well it will stand up under an active 9 year old. "  
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