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Hi-Tec shoes live up to their name is having the most cutting-edge technology in footwear today. Hi-Tech shoes contain advanced technology that protects your ankle from sprains and protects your feet from twisting. The superior insulation technology will assure that your feet stay dry and fresh throughout the entire day.

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The advanced padding and cushioning that Hi-Tec shoes have will also ensure though your feet stay comfortable and minimum stress and pressure reaches your joints no matter if you are taking a casual stroll or hiking through hilly terrain. If you are looking for shoes that push the technological envelope, Hi-Tec shoes should be on the top of your list.

  Popular Boot Styles:  
Hi-Tec Altitude IV
Hi Tec Chamonix
HTec V Lite Fasthike
Hi Tec St Mortiz 200
Hitec Multiterra Ultra Miid
Altitude IV
 V Lite Fasthike
St Mortiz 200
Multiterra Ultra
  People's Thoughts:  
  "This shoe looks good and is pretty well made for the price. It runs about a half size smaller than marked. Instead of ordering a larger size, I returned mine and went with more expensive higher quality Hi-Tec shoes. I recommend this shoe if you are looking for an inexpensive hiking boot, but make sure you order one that is a bit larger than your size. "  
  "A great entry-level hiker - I bought the Multiterra Hi-Tec Boots in butterscotch (fancy word for khaki) and have been impressed so far. They are a good hiking boot for the entry-level hiker and very lightweight but definitely not a cold-weather shoe. I used them to hike in the Arizona desert as well as some muddy trails here in Illinois (but never more than 5 miles). It has vent holes on the side (great for warm-weather climates), a great fit (no too little or too much room in the toe box) and adequate traction (not a hard rubber Vibram sole). And although not "waterproof" they let your feet breathe (a real problem with waterproof boots). They also look great with cargo pants or jeans making it a good travel shoe as well. I definitely will look into buying some more Hi-Techs as the quality is very good and this has been a great value for me."  
  "Great hiking shoe - I was looking for a hiking shoe since I find hiking boots too bulky. This is a great compromise between a boot and a shoe. The top of this show supports your ankle, it's light and still very strong and stable. I ordered 4 different shoes and stuck with this one - I'm very happy with it. Over five days used them on day hikes at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, and both Bryce and Zion National park. They were comfortable, supportive and provided good traction on different terrains. Would buy them again."  
Notice: Hi-Tec is a registered trademark word of Hi-Tec Sports Company & logos are registered trademarks of HiTec Sports inc. Our website is not operated or affiliated with Hi-Tec Sports. We only give information of some of their footwear.
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