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Ecco shoes are always a combination of the latest design and innovative technology resulting in a shoe that is superior in both form and function. Eccos put comfort and functionality over comformity, resulting in the perfect shoe for whatever occasion should arise. Ecco shoes are sensibly designed and provide comfort and practicality whether you are hiking through the amazon or in a client business meeting.

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Combining the latest in shoe technology such as the fusion of advanced materials,solid foundations, and advanced design, Ecco shoes are a good fit today and always ready what is up ahead tomorrow.

  Popular Ecco Styles:  
Ecco X-treme Jane Receptor
Ecco Golf Swing
Ecco Cloud Bootie
Ecco Golf Shoes Classic Saddle
Atlantis II Ecco Receptor
X-treme Jane
Casual Swing
Cloud Bootie
Classic Saddle
Atlantis II Receptor
Bouillon Ballerina
Ecco Ultra Terrain II Karda
New Track High
Ecco Sea Wiker Tie
Bouillon Ballerina
Ultra Terrain
New Track High
Sea Wiker Tie
  People's Thoughts:  
  "Outdoorsman - These boots are the most comfortable Ecco boots I have ever owned. I have spent thousands of dollars over the years on rugged boots and shoes and these are them! And they are waterproof!! No leaks at all and they feel like gloves on my feet. I am hard to fit but these or for me. They are now 2 years old, That is just pennies a day! I wear the 4 to 5 times a week. They have another 2 years left in them. I will be sad to see them go but will replace them with another pair! Spend the money, they are well worth it and your tired old dogs will get new life from them!"  
  "Shoe of teacher's choice - I have chosen Ecco shoes for most work and casual settings for over six years and no longer experience the soreness and fatigue I used to have. I dread having to wear more formal shoes on occasions. My favorite is the Sea Walker Tie, which I have in every color, my favorites are the Ice White and the light beige, both of which have been replaced are now beginning to show wear again. Ecco epitomize comfort and durability, especially for people who stand a lot, such as teachers. I know; last year I retired from 45 years of teaching. "  
  "Thanks for the internet - I found my favorite style - Ecco Sandals. I purchased this same style of sandel by a different brand name about 4 years ago. They were so comfortable and became my favorite. After 4 years of wear they were becoming pretty worn.(I even wear them in the winter with socks.) I could not find them in the local stores, but finally decided to do a search on the internet. Was I ever thrilled to find them in the Ecco brand. I have problems with my right heel, and when I wear other shoes, it feels like I have been walking with a rock in my shoe. These are so shock absorbing that I never have that problem. I plan on trying other styles of the Ecco brand. I am sold on their comfort and that's what it is all about."  
  "I love these Ecco Golf Shoes. These are the best Golf shoes I have ever worn! I have had them for over 2 years now and they still are like new...They are more comfortable than sneakers, great for walking, and can be worn with jeans, khakis, etc. and always look great ... I am going to get another pair soon."  
  "Does it all -in comfort. For my feet, these Ecco sandals are incredible. I hiked the Grand Canyon twice, used them on Costa Rican and British Columbian trails in all conditions. I take them to Colorado on ski trips. I jog the trails in them. At 2 years the mid soles where wearing out, so I tossed them in the trash and then promptly retrieved them and wore them for an additional year. Even though they were a little rough, they always retained comfort. Now I'm here, finally looking for a new pair to run around Europe in. ('Might try those Ecco terrains. Nothing fits like Eccos, as far as my feet are concerned.) Thanks Ecco!"  
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