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Timberland have risen in acclaim and taken on a different urban image since their start in 1973. After their first success, the original waterproof leather boot, they have risen to be the nr. one footwear for various hip-hop and rap artists, though they still have being functional and reliable during the years.

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They have also expanded its clothing-line to include a cross section array of colors and styles, from Waterproofing classic ones to lightweight, sport-trendy styles for warmer places like Texas.

  Clothing Styles:  
Color Block Bubble Jackets
Timberland Word Tee T-Shirt
Timberland Classic Fit Jeans
Timberlands Striped Rugby Clothing
Quilted Pullover
Color Block Bubble
Word Tee
Classic Fit Jeans
Striped Rugby
Quilted Pullover
Timberland Benton Jackets
Heathered Cable Crew
Timberlands Pullover Hoodie
Quad Needle Tree
Timberland Waffle Crew Clothing
Benton Jacket
Heathered Cable
Pullover Hoodie
Quad Needle Tree
Waffle Crew
  People's Thoughts:  

"Perfect Timberland Jacket - I was looking for a comfortable jacket to wear to work. I work in retail and am on my feet all day so I needed something comfortable and dressy. These jacket are fantastic. It is adjustable and fit my rather thin body it was made just for me. It's comfortable to wear right out of the bag and don't really need to be broken in. It look sharp and go well from work to partying. I think it is my most comfortable jacket for driving too, but I don't know why, I just love it!"

  "Wardrobe MVP - I was a bit concerned about size but I ordered a 7.5 anyway (I am a 7.5-8) to get them in black and they are fine...a little snug at first, but they loosened up after a few hours and a long walk (I don't wear thick socks though). They are not quite as tall as I expected and I wasn't quite sure I liked them at first (I thought they would look a little funkier) but they have grown on me; the comfort factor and overall quality helps. They are great with skirts of course but the shape actually looks good with pants too."  
  "Cool boots - I have two pairs already. Love them. Like wearing a favorite pair of jeans. They fit true to size, but some may find them slightly small because of the padded insole inside the shoe. The good thing is, that the insole is removable if you need more room to accommodate a heavier sock. "  
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