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Timberland footwear provides boots that are both stylish and performance-driven for mountain climbing, trekking, and hiking. Worn by such famous adventurers such as the late Steve Erwin, Timberland has a proven record of making great shoes that perform with peak efficiency in a variety of environments and situations.

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Timberland footwear feature full-grain waterproof leather for comfort, durability, and abrasion resistance. Timberland boots are also great at keeping your feet nice and dry throughout the day.

  Popular Boot Styles:  
Timb Boots 14 Premium
Waterville Boot
Outlier Rugged
Roll Top Spin Off
Park Slope
14 Premium
Roll Top Spin Off
Park Slope
Euro Hiker Boot
Timberland Arida Chukka Boot
Euro Hiker
Arida Chukka
  People's Thoughts:  
  "Looks good and great for walking and hills - This Timberland boot is kind fo a mix between a riding boot and a hiking boot. At first I thought, Uggh. But when I put it on I was pleased. The calf fits close enough to the leg that it creates a great look. I originally bought these Timberland boots only because I live in a really snowy area with big hills and needed a knee high boot with traction. But I was also pleased that I didn't have to sacrifice style. It has a zip on the side. I don't think they mention that in the description."  
  "Timberland boot - I've grown up recently and decided that putting myself in the position of tottering about on heels in which I can't run or bound up and down stairs and in which I invite people to look at me like a sex object is unacceptable. So I threw out my heels and got these boots. They are so attractive, but I was prepared to send them back if they weren't very comfortable, very stable, very ENabling instead of DISabling. I haven't taken them off sent I bought them. "  
  "Exceeding expectations - There are only a few styles of footwear that I am able to wear. You see, I had polio in 1953, so I need to walk with crutches and brace my feet with a combination of air stirrups and high top shoes. In good weather I always wear black NIKE'S. Winter is always a problem. My son-in-law had a pair of these Timberland boots at his home in New Jersey when I visited over New Years weekend. I was impressed with their light weight and decided to order a pair from this company. They arrived at my home 2 days after I ordered them! The weather here in the Rochester area has given us snow for the last 22 days and I have worn these Timberland shoes every day since I got them! Walking in the snow on crutches with lousy legs is no fun but these boots have afforded me excelent traction, warmth, water resistance and comfort. I couldn't ask for more! I have recommended these shoes and this online outlet to many of my friends. Thank you for your quick service."  
  "Great boots - This Timberland boot fit exactly as marked, so if you generally wear thick socks w/ boots-go up a 1/2 size. I have thin calves & it is very hard to find high boots that look good and not loose. The strap around the top is great! my leg meas. 12 1/2 inches around and the last hole in strap fits perfect!!! These boots are so comfortable- I love them!"  
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